Thursday, 23 November 2017

Safe cycling rules/Do you know your signs.


                              My poster and word find
 Here is mine and keiarliya's poster and word find.It is our safe cycling task.This is how we made it.1.First we drew the title(do you know your signs).2.We drew the signs.3.I wrote what the signs well keiarliya started on the school.4.We both done the New Zealand fern and the New Zealand writing.Lastly number 5.we finished drawing the school and we coloured in the school.

For our word find 1.we wrote road then we drew the road and wrote safety on the other side of it.2.we wrote word find then we drew the outside of the word find and done some squares in the inside of it.3.Then we wrote the words in first that we were going to get people to find then we just put random letters in the remaining squares.

When I first learnt how to ride a bike

 When I first learnt how to ride a bike I was 4.I hoped on the bike and just started to ride it.It had training wheels on it.And I didn't even crash into anything.I was ready to ride a bike so I hoped on it and just rode it.    

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