Friday, 24 June 2016

My learning reflection

My learning blog post.
       Hello and welcome back to my blog 2016 
       today I am going to share my learning with 
       you here it is.
  1. What is your favorite thing about being in Rimu hub? My favorite thing about Rimu hub is that I can make new friends and that I can learn new things.
  2. Which learning muscles have you strengthened this year? How do you know? This year I have strengthened my managing distractions muscles because when Ethan was being silly I moved away.
  3. Which learning muscles do you think you need to work on and why? I think that I need to work on my absorption muscles more so that I can get learning tasks on the tracking sheet.
  4. What learning muscle have you been focused on this year? My absorption muscle so that I can get as much learning tasks on the tracking sheet as possible.
  5. What is your learning buddy like? My learning buddy is helpful,caring,kind and thoughtful he always asks me if I need help and he is always helpful.
  6. What is you your favorite learning space and why? My favorite learning task is the quiet room because I can get my learning tasks done.

I like this because I put as much detail into it as I could.