Thursday, 30 March 2017

My special place

                   My special place by Alize 
 Playing in the water It looks beautiful with the waterfall The water stays cold The Marae in the water At MaraeTotara Falls I love playing in the water, it feels refreshing and soothing.The other thing I like about playing in the water is going under because it feels nice on a hot day. Playing in the water, there is always lot’s of room.The last thing I like about the water is that it’s a nice turquoise colour and it looks pretty. 

 MaraeTotara is a beautiful place but it looks even better with the waterfall.The waterfall by itself looks really pretty because it has beautiful turquiose water flowing through it. Maraetotara looks beautiful with the waterfall and it is a great place for jumping in.The waterfall is a pretty thing to look at because it is so magical.

At MaraeTotara the water doesn’t get warm.It stays cold and when you jump in it’s freezing.When you walk in it’s not that cold but when you go under it is freezing.The thing about the water is that it is so cold I think I would turn into ice-block.On a hot day the water looks nice and warm or not to cold but it so cold I think I could turn into an ice-cube.

 At MaraeTotara some people say that there is a Marae in the water.If you go deep down all the way to the bottom of MaraeTotara you might be lucky and see the Marae below the water.The Marae under the water is very old because it’s been there for many years.