Monday, 8 August 2016

My holiday blog post

 My holidays
I went to my nans house because my dog Poto had 4 puppies,three of the puppies are black and white and one is brown and white.When the puppies were born they were so so so tiny and we couldn't hold them,we couldn't even touch them. I stayed at my nans house for the weekend and most of the time I was in the kennel with them. Some times we had to lock Poto in the kennel for a bit because she wasn't staying in there long enough to let her puppies get full,the only time she stayed in the kennel was when I was either in the kennel or sitting right by it. Before we could only hold them for a little bit but now we can hold them for ages I even put one of the puppies in my dads beanie and went into my papa's bed and put the puppy on my  chest and we both went to sleep. After that I had to put the puppy back because my nan was taking me home BOOHOO. Instead of going to my house I had to go to my aunty's house because my mum and dad were out food shopping. After that my mum and dad came to my aunty's house to pick us up and then we went home and watched alot of movie's. until it was bed time but we did have dinner and a shower and that was my holiday. 


  1. I love your story Aliz'e and yes you did enjoy your time at Nanny's and papa's with the puppies :)

    From MUM