Friday, 26 May 2017

Thank you letter

Parkvale school
Howard street
Hastings 4122
Room 7
Nikau Hub

Dear Annique

IMG_20170516_144112.jpgThank you so much for coming to camp Kaitawa with us and using up your time and energy to feed us and entertain us. Another big thank you is for helping set up all of our activities. You were probably one of the best cooks at camp kaitawa out of all of the parents.

One of my highlights was jumping into the lake where we were kayaking. The water was so freezing. It was amazing that the water was really deep and everyone had to wear a life jacket.

Another highlight of mine was the amazing race because    
I liked how we had to do part of the confidence course. Another thing I liked about the amazing race was doing the fudge because it was fun making and I got to get my hands messy and taste a little bit of the fudge before we gave it to the parents.

An interesting fact that I found out was that camp kaitawa was a school once in awhile and the boys and girls cabins use to be classrooms.

Yours Sincerely