Wednesday, 26 October 2016

My Writing

Welcome to my blog today I am going to be sharing my writing with you I hope you like it.

    Secret life of pets

When Duke and Max were going for a walk to the park with a dog sitter and these other dogs called Gidget,Mel and Buddy. All of them got let off their leashes to go and play for a little bit.The dog sitter forgot to let Max off his leash
because he saw a pretty lady that he liked and he started talking to her.After that Duke told Max there was a whole pile of delicious bones behind a big bush because Duke wanted to escape and take Max with him. Then after that max pulled so hard the dog sitter finally let go and Max runs to Duke behind the bush.Duke bit onto Max's leash and Duke runs  so fast he breaks the net fence and he pulls Max and runs into an alleyway where there were a lot of cats.

Then the cats started picking Max and Duke up and scratching and clawing them.Five minute later the dog control walks past and sees them then starts chasing them.They keep running until Duke and Max come to a dead end and they have to stop.Then the dog control gets closer trying to trap them but Max runs out through their legs and Duke couldn’t get out because he was to big so he got caught by the dog control and put into a cage into their van that said dog control on the back of it. Max ran after the truck then three little animals popped out of a man hole so the other man in the dog control van said stop so the driver stopped. They got out of the van and tried to get the animals off the road but the animals attacked and by the way the animals were a bunny called Snowball,a crocodile and a pig called Tattoos.Then the animals jumped into the van and left the dog control people behind them chasing. Few we lost them said Snowball then Max jumped on the back of the van and Duke was yelling help someone get me out of here.Don’t worry Duke said Max i’ll get you out of there.Then Max got Duke out by biting on to the door handle and pulling it open.them they both went with Snowball,Tattoos and the crocodile they went through a manhole to this place were animals hated owners and they were thrown out by their owners.Then they told all the animals in there that they hated their owners and that they ran away from them then all the animals started to stare at them in surprise.Then snowball and Tattoos pushed Duke and Max over to this big snake who only had one sharp fang and all the animals there had to get the fang that all of the animals had to get bitten by the snake called Viper to join the tribe.Then Duke and max had to get bitten by Viper and the didn’t know that he only had one big sharp fang.As soon as they saw the fang the ran and they accidentally knocked over some stuff that made a big concrete block fall on Viper and squashed him.Then Snowball said get them to all the animals and they all ran after them and that was the end of that scene.