Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Beach Ed

 On Friday the 24th of November the year 4's and 5's from Nikau hub and Kauri hub went to West shore beach.We learnt about surf life saving with lifeguards Mikayla,Mitch and Shay.They taught us The basic 5 rules of surf life saving and a bonus rule.The 5 rules that they taught us was...1.Stay between the flags.2.Always have an adult watch over you.3.Listen to the lifeguard.Never swim or surf alone and last but not least 5.If in doubt stay out.This first photo that is at the top is us all playing sea weed before lunch time and the swim.One round the teachers and adults were the taggers,2 rounds the lifeguards were the taggers,1 round some of the adults were taggers and one of the kids and last but not least 1 round some of the kids were the taggers.Then we went and had lunch.

This is Ruby,Lifeguard Mikayla and Reuben.They are being seaweed.It was fun playing sea weed because there was alot of people playing so it was really challenging to get past them all.It was really fun when the lifeguards were the taggers because it was fun running away from them and watching them try to get us.

This is Ruby and Dusty.They are doing the stinky bum position and the knee board.The lifeguards use the knee board and the stinky bum position when they are doing a rescue.The knee board Is very easy and quick to use.There are extra handles on each side so that if there is more than one person to rescue then they can actually rescue them.

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