Friday, 26 May 2017

Thank you letter

Parkvale school
Howard street
Hastings 4122
Room 7
Nikau Hub

Dear Annique

IMG_20170516_144112.jpgThank you so much for coming to camp Kaitawa with us and using up your time and energy to feed us and entertain us. Another big thank you is for helping set up all of our activities. You were probably one of the best cooks at camp kaitawa out of all of the parents.

One of my highlights was jumping into the lake where we were kayaking. The water was so freezing. It was amazing that the water was really deep and everyone had to wear a life jacket.

Another highlight of mine was the amazing race because    
I liked how we had to do part of the confidence course. Another thing I liked about the amazing race was doing the fudge because it was fun making and I got to get my hands messy and taste a little bit of the fudge before we gave it to the parents.

An interesting fact that I found out was that camp kaitawa was a school once in awhile and the boys and girls cabins use to be classrooms.

Yours Sincerely




Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Visual Art#2

                               My visual Art#2

Thursday, 30 March 2017

My special place

                   My special place by Alize 
 Playing in the water It looks beautiful with the waterfall The water stays cold The Marae in the water At MaraeTotara Falls I love playing in the water, it feels refreshing and soothing.The other thing I like about playing in the water is going under because it feels nice on a hot day. Playing in the water, there is always lot’s of room.The last thing I like about the water is that it’s a nice turquoise colour and it looks pretty. 

 MaraeTotara is a beautiful place but it looks even more beautiful with the waterfall.The waterfall itself is beautiful,it has beautiful looking water flowing through it and turquoise water.Maraetotara looks beautiful with the waterfall and it is a great place for jumping in.The waterfall is a pretty thing to look at because it is so majestic. 

At MaraeTotara the water doesn’t get warm.It stays cold and when you jump in it’s freezing.When you walk in it’s not that cold but when you go under it is freezing.The thing about the water is that it is so cold I think I would turn into ice-block.On a hot day the water looks nice and warm or not to cold but it so cold I think I could turn into an ice-cube.

 At MaraeTotara some people say that there is a Marae in the water.If you go deep down all the way to the bottom of MaraeTotara you might be lucky and see the Marae below the water.The Marae under the water is very old because it’s been there for many years.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

All about me

All about me

My best memory
My best memory was when I went to Pourere beach with most of my family.I went with my mum,my sister,my papa,my nan and most my cousins.Me and my cousin Rico went swimming in the ocean.My favourite thing to do at the beach is going swimming.

What makes me laugh

What makes me laugh is when my parents or someone tickles me or when someone's doing something really funny. What else makes me laugh is playing with my dogs try to jump over each other instead they just fall on each other.

Most loved hobby

Is going to Te Awanga beach because I love swimming in the little lake there and swimming in the ocean.Me and my dad go out far into the ocean and we find muscles on the ground because me and my dad love eating muscles.
My favourite thing about Te Awanga beach is the lake there because I like swimming in it

Fun fact about me
Is I love going to my nan & papa’s house because they have a pool there and they have 2 dogs Poto & Skippy. Skippy is a Papillon and Poto is a Jack Russell/shujitsu.My favorite thing to do at my nan and papa’s is going for a swim and playing with the dogs.    


Friday, 17 February 2017

Visual Art

5 Facts about me

                                       5 Facts about me

1. My favourite animal is a panda.  
2. My favourite takeaways is MacDonald's. 
3. My favourite colour is blue.
4. I have 5 people in my family me,my sister Tenequa,my mum,my dad and my other sister Shakilah.
5. I have 3 dogs,1 cat,2 fish and 2 guinea pigs.