Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Beach Ed

 On Friday the 24th of November the year 4's and 5's from Nikau hub and Kauri hub went to West shore beach.We learnt about surf life saving with lifeguards Mikayla,Mitch and Shay.They taught us The basic 5 rules of surf life saving and a bonus rule.The 5 rules that they taught us was...1.Stay between the flags.2.Always have an adult watch over you.3.Listen to the lifeguard.Never swim or surf alone and last but not least 5.If in doubt stay out.This first photo that is at the top is us all playing sea weed before lunch time and the swim.One round the teachers and adults were the taggers,2 rounds the lifeguards were the taggers,1 round some of the adults were taggers and one of the kids and last but not least 1 round some of the kids were the taggers.Then we went and had lunch.

This is Ruby,Lifeguard Mikayla and Reuben.They are being seaweed.It was fun playing sea weed because there was alot of people playing so it was really challenging to get past them all.It was really fun when the lifeguards were the taggers because it was fun running away from them and watching them try to get us.

This is Ruby and Dusty.They are doing the stinky bum position and the knee board.The lifeguards use the knee board and the stinky bum position when they are doing a rescue.The knee board Is very easy and quick to use.There are extra handles on each side so that if there is more than one person to rescue then they can actually rescue them.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Safe cycling rules/Do you know your signs.


                              My poster and word find
 Here is mine and keiarliya's poster and word find.It is our safe cycling task.This is how we made it.1.First we drew the title(do you know your signs).2.We drew the signs.3.I wrote what the signs well keiarliya started on the school.4.We both done the New Zealand fern and the New Zealand writing.Lastly number 5.we finished drawing the school and we coloured in the school.

For our word find 1.we wrote road then we drew the road and wrote safety on the other side of it.2.we wrote word find then we drew the outside of the word find and done some squares in the inside of it.3.Then we wrote the words in first that we were going to get people to find then we just put random letters in the remaining squares.

When I first learnt how to ride a bike

 When I first learnt how to ride a bike I was 4.I hoped on the bike and just started to ride it.It had training wheels on it.And I didn't even crash into anything.I was ready to ride a bike so I hoped on it and just rode it.    

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Beach ed rules

                 5 Rules to keep you safe in the surf
                         1.   Swim between the flags
 If you go to a beach and see no flags that means that there isn't any lifeguards on duty.When you go to a beach and there are flags swim between the flags so that you don't get into trouble because the lifeguards only watch in between the flags. 


          2.   Have an adult watch over you

 when you are swimming always have an adult watch over you so that you don't drown,get pulled into a rip and so that you don't get pushed under a wave.

       3. Listen to the advice from a surf lifeguard 

 The surf lifeguards at the beach know all about it and they can help you if your in trouble.They have had lots of training and hours of swimming in the sea.

                   4. Never swim or surf alone

 When you go into the water always make sure that there is someone with you so that if you get in trouble they can help you and you can help them.

                 5.  If in doubt stay out

If you go to the beach and there are no flags that means that there are no lifeguards on duty.So don't go in unless there is an adult watching over you and you are sure that the water is safe because it can be dangerous.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017



                                            My PBL


This is my volcano.I made it with two types of paper mache,paint and cardboard.The photo is about my PBL volcano.The learning muscles I used were collaborating muscle because me and Keiarliya worked together and she helped me.The other learning muscles I used were perseverance and managing distractions because I had to keep on persevering and managing my distractions to get it done. This is my report. 

          Contents Page
Layers of the Earth
Volcanic Rocks
What impact do volcanic eruptions have on the world we live in.
Acrostic poem

Lava(tahepuia)-can travel really fast and it is very hot.
Craters(mahi ā-rehe)of volcanoes are where the lava/magma comes out and explodes.
Active(ahi tipua) volcanoes are very deadly and have killed many people.
No(ehē) one has ever gone into an active volcano and come out without an injury or they have never came out.

Volcanoes(puia pākai)
Volcanoes are very deadly when they are active, they can destroy homes and cities with its boiling hot lava(tahepuia). The lava comes from a part of the volcano called the magma(tokarewa) chamber. The most dangerous volcano today is Popocatépetl the nickname for that is el popo and it is just 33 miles away from mexico city. El popo is still active,sending thousands of gas and ash into the air each year.During the past 400 years,nearly a quarter of a million people have been killed as a direct result of volcanic eruptions. Indirect aftereffects such as famine,climate change,and disease most likely have tripled that number.     
Layers of the earth.Layers-of-the-Earth-Diagram-800.png
Earth has four layers,the outer layer is called the crust.Beneath the crust lies the mantle in the mantle there is super hot rock that is nearly 2,000 miles in and nearly 3,000 km’s thick.The outer core is made of hot liquid metal that is beneath the mantle. The outer inner core is solid and it is at the center of the earth.  

Volcanic Rocks
Obsidian is a volcanic glass with a chemical composition similar to that Rhyolite or Granite. It is most commonly black but it can also be brown,tan or green.If you find a rare obsidian it will either be orange,blue,red or yellow people think that the colours might of been caused because of trace elements or inclusions.

Sulphur is yellow and it doesn't have a very pleasant smell.
It is very poisonous and if you touch it,it will burn your hands/fingers because it is an acid. when sulphur is on fire you can’t see the flames because it is really flammable and because it is an acid once again.
Granite(tokapata) is a igneous rock.It kind of looks like pumice and it is multiple colours.

What impact do volcanic eruptions have on the world we live in? GOOD The first good effect of a volcanic eruption is the minerals that you can get from the volcanic rocks.These valuable resources are fluorine,sulphur,zinc,copper,lead,tin,uranium,tungsten,silver, Mercury and gold.The next good effect of a volcanic eruption is that it gives us fertile soil.In the fertile soil there are nutrients that help the plants to grow.The last effect of a volcanic eruption is geothermal power.Geo means earth and thermal means heat.We get heated water and steam that helps produce electricity in power plants. BAD581px-Obsidian_1.jpg
Unusual weather.The first bad effect of a volcanic eruption is that in indonesia in 1815 Mt Tambora erupted and that was the world’s biggest eruption in more than 1,600 years.Thomas Jefferson recorded the details about the weird weather that the united states were going through the weather was not as warm as it used to be.In some parts of england it was snowing in june.The entire Northern Hemisphere was experiencing what they call the year without summer.Without warm weather the farmers were not able to gather their crops that year.Alot of people suffered as a result.Scientists discovered that the Tambora eruption had caused their year without summer.The ash blocked the sunlight so the earth cooled down and changed weather patterns.Disrupted air travel.The next bad effect of a volcanic eruption are that volcanoes are disrupting air traveling.They cause big problems that the global economy have to fix.Ash forms clouds that are very dangerous for airplanes because even the smallest particles can cause the engine to break down if the amount of ash is big enough. The ugly The ugly effects come from Plinian and Ultra-Plinian eruptions do not usually occur.The huge eruptions have caused serious damage.  Pyroclastic Flows The most dangerous part of a volcanic eruption is Pyroclastic flows.These avalanches of death scorch everything in its way.They cover the ground in a thick layer of gray ash and rocks.A forest in Chile was damaged by a pyroclastic flow in 2008. LAHARS  In volcanic eruptions most commonly they make mudflows.The heavy walls of volcanic mud are thick enough to carry boulders,trucks,buildings and even roads and bridges.The amount of water and ice near an erupting volcano affects how big and how much of lahars there are.   
Acrostic Poem
Volcanic(ahi kōmau)-ash can kill people and cause serious injuries.
Old(ākonga o mua)-volcanoes sometimes make bigger eruptions.
Out of volcanoes eruptions occur because of density and pressure.

Fact File:
Magma:Magma is a hot liquid metal.It is molten rock,and it turns into obsidian when it cools down.Molten rock is melted rock it gets melted from how hot the earth is like Geothermal power.
Layers of the earth:Earth has four layers.The first layer is called the crust.The layer before the crust is the mantle.The second to last layer is the outer core and the last layer is called the inner core.
Obsidian:Obsidian is a volcanic glass.It is very shiny and it looks like glass just black.And surprisingly it is made from lava and lava does not look clear black.Obsidian comes in various colours.It comes in tan,black,brown and green.If you find a rare obsidian it will either be yellow,orange,blue and red.
Sulphur:Sulphur is yellow,it doesn’t smell very nice and it is very poisonous.If you touch it it will burn your hands because it is an acid.Sulphur is very flammable so never put it near a lighter or a fire.When sulphur is one fire you can’t see the flames because it is an acid again.
Volcanoes:Volcanoes can sometimes be little small mounts and sometimes they can be very big mounts.volcanoes have a vent that the magma/lava flows up through.at the bottom of the volcano there is the mantle and at the tippy top where the lava/magma comes out of are called the tectonic plates.
Lahars:Lahars are mud and rock fluds.They happen when a volcano erupts and the earth a parts a little bit.they are not good because people will lose their homes because of lahars.

Granite:Granite is a igneous rock.it is multiple colours and it is kind of similar to pumice in looks.It is a plutonic rock so that means that it grows deep in the ground.

 Lava:tahepuia is hot liquid rock that comes out of a volcano when it   erupts.

Volcanoes:puia pākai are mounts in the earth that erupt because of density and pressure.

Granite:tokapata is a multiple coloured igneous rock.It is a plutonic rock so that means that it forms deep underground.

Sulphur:pūngāwhā is a yellow igneous rock that is an acid and it is very poisonous so you can not touch it otherwise it will burn you.

Obsidian:tūhua is thick magma that cools down quickly.


Lava(tahepuia)-can travel really fast and it is very hot.
Craters(mahi ā-rehe)of volcanoes are where the lava/magma comes out and explodes.
Active(ahi tipua) volcanoes are very deadly and have killed many people.
No(ehē) one has ever gone into an active volcano and come out without an injury or they have never came out.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Thank you letter

Parkvale school
Howard street
Hastings 4122
Room 7
Nikau Hub

Dear Annique

IMG_20170516_144112.jpgThank you so much for coming to camp Kaitawa with us and using up your time and energy to feed us and entertain us. Another big thank you is for helping set up all of our activities. You were probably one of the best cooks at camp kaitawa out of all of the parents.

One of my highlights was jumping into the lake where we were kayaking. The water was so freezing. It was amazing that the water was really deep and everyone had to wear a life jacket.

Another highlight of mine was the amazing race because    
I liked how we had to do part of the confidence course. Another thing I liked about the amazing race was doing the fudge because it was fun making and I got to get my hands messy and taste a little bit of the fudge before we gave it to the parents.

An interesting fact that I found out was that camp kaitawa was a school once in awhile and the boys and girls cabins use to be classrooms.

Yours Sincerely




Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Visual Art#2

                               My visual Art#2